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Reduces stress and emotional tension

Classical massage

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Classical massage reduces stress and emotional tension. It restores mental and physical balance, relaxes muscles, reduces muscle tension and soreness. It also eliminates fatigue, reduces stress levels, relaxes, calms and improves well-being. Classical spinal massage relieves spinal pain and improves joint mobility. It supports the removal of toxins from the body as it improves metabolism and stimulates kidney function. Improves the appearance of the skin – thanks to the massage and oils, the skin is more moisturised, nourished, tightened and supple.

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Classical massage
Classical massage

An excellent way to regain vitality after a stressful day, prolonged exercise or intense physical activity! Classical massage affects the body through a well-chosen pressure and set of movements, performed by the masseur at the right pace and with the right force, according to the course of the muscles, tissues, blood and lymphatic vessels, from their periphery to the heart.

How the session works

The massage is preceded by an interview regarding the patient’s condition. The therapist then performs a classical body massage.

Indications for classical massage

– all kinds of paralysis,
– muscular weakness,
– contractures, muscle strains and pains,
– strain changes,
– sore joints,
– back pain,
– limited joint mobility,
– peripheral circulatory insufficiency,
– damage to the spinal cord and peripheral nerves,
– chronic inflammation of nerves and nerve plexuses,
– injuries after fractures, contusions, sprains, dislocations,
– postural defects,
– musculoskeletal diseases,
– post-exertional muscle fatigue.

Classical massage – comprehensive (50 min)

clock icon Duration: 50 min price icon Price: 220zł

Classical massage – comprehensive (80 min)

clock icon Duration: 80 min price icon Price: 290zł

Classical massage – partial

clock icon Duration: 25 min price icon Price: 130zł

phone icon22 417 80 90

Please arrive 10 minutes before your treatment.

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Classical massage – Benefits for you


Reduction of stress and tension


Better sleep


The scent of the massage oils leaves the skin feeling nourished and soft, and the patient feeling calmed


Improvement of joint mobility, reduction of pain


Relaxation and well-being


Muscle relaxation, reduction of muscle tension and pain


Tightened, rejuvenated, supple and pleasant to the touch skin


Restoration of mental and physical balance


Reduction in recurrent headaches

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