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Fitness Classes

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Embark on your fitness journey with our new classes!
It's more than just workouts – it's experiences that blend effectiveness with the joy of movement, helping you achieve your goals. Our new classes offer a unique opportunity to strengthen your body, improve flexibility, and tap into newfound energy.

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What sets us apart?

  • Inspiring Instructor – Under the guidance of Alex, an experienced and passionate instructor, each session becomes a journey towards a better version of yourself. Alex will inspire you to achieve the best results.
  • Discover the Power in Movement – With our classes, you’ll discover how fitness can be not only effective but also exciting.
  • Personalization for You – The classes will include a wide range of exercises with various levels of difficulty to adapt the training to your needs.

Circuit Training

Say hello to an intense workout where diversity is the key to success! Circuit training at Studio Sante is dynamic sessions that focus on various muscle groups and training aspects, helping you develop healthy habits and improve your fitness.

Why join?

  • Variety of exercises for better training results.
  • Intensity that leads to maximum outcomes.
  • Excellent combination of strength and cardio exercises, distinguishing circuit training, builds strength, increases endurance, shapes your physique, and enhances overall fitness.
  • Regardless of your fitness level, circuit training adapts to your abilities, ensuring results for everyone.

Ready for a fitness adventure with Alex?

Book your spot now and join our fitness family at Studio Sante!

Invest in your health and well-being. Sign up today and get a decent dose of endorphins. Discover how fitness at Studio Sante can change your life!

What do you gain from fitness classes?

  • Improved physical fitness,
  • Weight reduction,
  • Strengthening muscles and bones,
  • Improved mental health,
  • Blood sugar regulation,
  • Boosting the immune system,
  • Enhanced sleep quality,
  • Reduced risk of heart disease,
  • Improved respiratory function,
  • Increased energy and vitality.

Fitness Class Pricing

Duration: 1 session 1 session Pass: 5 sessions Pass: 10 sessions
Individual Sessions – Fitness 60 min 160 PLN 799 PLN 1499 PLN



  • Registration is required for classes.
  • You can make reservations by phone or in person at the Studio Sante reception.
  • Reserved classes can be canceled or rescheduled up to 24 hours before their start. Classes canceled after this time are 100% payable.

Contraindications for classes

Below are general contraindications for participating in fitness classes, but it’s essential to remember that each situation is individual, so it’s always worth seeking advice from a specialist:

  • Cardiological problems,
  • Orthopedic problems,
  • Neurological problems,
  • Pregnancy,
  • Respiratory problems,
  • Mental health issues,
  • Infectious diseases.
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