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Finnish sauna

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Dimmed lights, the scent of wood, golden glow, relaxing music... a Finnish sauna is wonderfully restorative. It provides deep relaxation and indulgence. Cleanses the body of toxins and metabolic products. It speeds metabolism, aiding weight loss and helping to reduce cellulite. During a half-hour session, you can lose around 400 kcal, which is the same as during a run of around 3 km. Reduces muscle soreness and tension.

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Finnish sauna
Finnish sauna

Regular saunas regulate blood pressure, improve circulation and increase fitness. Reduces fatigue and tiredness. It helps relieve stress and takes you into a world of relaxation, away from your worries. It makes us sleep well and wake up in the morning rested and full of energy. It is a great way of improving your health, so you get sick less often and can cope better with infections. The Finnish sauna is energy for the body and relaxation for the mind! This hottest of saunas affects the body through very dry and hot air. Additional experiences include a brief controlled increase in air humidity after pouring water over the stones on the furnace and rituals with essential oils, conducted by a professional sauna master.

Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna combines the benefits of regeneration and detoxification of the body. It has the advantage of having an immediate effect on the body through the combination of very dry and hot air with a periodic, brief increase in humidity of up to 40% as a result of pouring water over the stones. High temperatures of around 90°C improve blood circulation. This allows the tissues to be better oxygenated, nourished and cleansed of metabolic products, toxins and heavy metals. During one session in the Finnish sauna, the body expels as many toxins as it has accumulated in a week! Effective detoxification in the Finnish sauna aids weight loss and the elimination of cellulite, which is often blocked by body intoxication. Thanks to sessions in the Finnish sauna, your metabolism accelerates, and by up to 40%! A session in the Finnish sauna is an effort for the body to burn off extra calories! During a half-hour session, you can lose around 400 kcal, which is the same as during a run of around 3 km. Sauning helps in the fight against cellulite, as the high temperature stimulates blood and lymph circulation in the body and removes water from the spaces between fatty tissues. In this way, the two most important causes of cellulite are eliminated. In addition, the effect of the sauna can be compared to a vigorous massage, which also smooths the subcutaneous tissue. The Finnish sauna is a good way to say goodbye to cellulite forever!

Stress relief and deep regeneration

The Finnish sauna is one of the most effective and enjoyable ways to reduce stress and its effects. During the séance, the atmosphere is quiet and intimate, making it easier to calm the mind and get away from everyday troubles. The saying goes: “When entering the sauna, close the door to the world.” Finns also say: “Anger and hatred burn in the sauna.” Overheating the body is relaxing – pleasant warmth envelops the whole body, negative emotions flow out of us with sweat, muscles relax. In the Finnish sauna, we are dealing with negative air ionisation, which improves mood, reduces sadness and reduces symptoms of tension. During a séance, serotonin – the happiness hormone – is secreted. The heat makes the whole body relax – muscle tensions subside and joint pains decrease.     The Finnish sauna is best used in the evening – there’s nothing more wonderful than a sound, restorative sleep after a sauna session! And in the morning you will get up feeling refreshed, full of energy, rested and happy. Sauning reduces fatigue and tiredness. Nullifies the effects of stress and improves resistance to stress. Counteracts nervousness, anxiety, mental fatigue. Regular saunas regulate blood pressure, which also improves our wellbeing.


Staying in the sauna also has a spiritual dimension. Dimmed lights, the smell of wood, golden glow, relaxing music and, every now and then, a cloud of steam, which the Finns call the “sauna spirit”, allow deep harmony to be achieved. The sauna is a place where no one is in a hurry and where there is no need for conversation – the exhilarating feeling of intense heat permeates the mind and body. A session in the Finnish sauna provides peace, energy and a sense of happiness.

Hardened body and increased resistance

The Finnish sauna is an excellent way to toughen the body. After the heating phase, it is necessary to cool down the body skilfully – this has beneficial effects on the body. Without a cooling down phase, a sauna stay will not bring the expected benefits. During heating, the blood vessels dilate, while cooling initially constricts the blood vessels and then congests them. It is cooling that is the key preventive and health-promoting factor of the sauna. It interrupts the loss of heat from the body, reduces the frequency of heart contractions, the blood becomes highly saturated with oxygen, so that the whole body is deeply oxygenated, and improves the efficiency and performance of the respiratory system. Cooling the body refreshes and invigorates. Alternating between high and (gradually) higher temperatures and humidity is an excellent way to naturally build immunity and toughen the body. Training in the sauna makes you more resistant to changes in the weather, strengthens the immune system and protects against respiratory diseases. Scientific studies have shown that sauna-goers are 10 times less likely to suffer from flu, colds and upper respiratory illnesses.

Note: insufficient cooling can cause a cold due to persistent vasodilation and persistent sweating.

Sauna rituals

Sauna rituals take place in the Finnish sauna; these are extremely energising ceremonies led by a sauna master to dynamic music. The sauna master skilfully pours water with natural essential oils over the stones and distributes the warm air using a special technique with towels, fans or other accessories. The pleasant, varied hot air strokes cause intense body heating and sweating. Essential oils reduce stress, have a relaxing effect, improve mood and inhale the respiratory system. The rituals enhance the enjoyment and benefits of the sauna experience! After the sauna ceremony you will feel recharged with positive energy!

Temperature: approx. 90°C
Humidity: approx. 10%
After pouring water on the stones – up to 40%

Tips for using the finnish sauna

– start your stay in the sauna room with a session in the Finnish sauna
– dry your body before entering the sauna
– during the first cycle, choose the lowest bench (temp. approx. 80°C) and gradually move upwards to avoid thermal shock
– at the end, sit or lie down on the highest bench (temp. approx. 100°C)
– for hygienic reasons, place a towel under any part of your body that is in contact with the wood
– control the time so that you do not stay in the sauna for more than 15 minutes
– if you have been lying down, before leaving the sauna slowly sit down, wait 1-2 minutes and then slowly stand up
– to increase the humidity level in the sauna, report to the lifeguard or sauna master


After the session, don’t forget to cool down your body:

– rinse your body in the shower first with lukewarm, then with cool water

– start with the feet and move gradually up the body, finishing with the nape of the neck and possibly the head

– take a dip in the indoor or outdoor cooling pool or use the Sensations Shower to cool your body again and thoroughly

Cooling zone – find out more

– be sure to rest after the cooling down phase. The relaxation after the sauna should last at least as long as the sauna session
– drink plenty of water – it’s freely available!

Contraindications to the use of the finnish sauna

– infections, antibiotic therapy, febrile conditions
– hypertension and blood circulation problems
– anaemia
– susceptibility to bleeding
– diabetes
– cancer
– skin mycoses, skin diseases with purulent lesions and ulcers
– serious kidney, liver, lung diseases
– acute asthmatic and rheumatic conditions
– epilepsy
– psychotic states
– varicose veins
– glaucoma
– endocrine disorders (e.g. hyperthyroidism, adrenal insufficiency),
– carriage of infectious diseases,


Excessive overheating should be avoided by pregnant and menstruating women.

Studio Sante is a supporting member of the Polish Sauna Society


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Provides deep relaxation and relaxation


Speeds up metabolism, supporting weight loss


Reduces soreness and muscle tension


Improves circulation


Cleanses the body of toxins and waste products


Helps reduce cellulite


Regulates blood pressure


Increases the body's efficiency

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