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Complete quieting of the mind by disconnecting all external stimuli. Your body becomes light and you don't feel its weight, as if in a state of weightlessness. Your mind becomes relaxed and you reach a state close to meditation, the work of both cerebral hemispheres synchronises. Tension and stress melts away without a trace. Muscles and joints relax completely, back, neck and joint pain disappear. Floating is recommended for women in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy – it is perfectly relaxing, relieves strain on the spine and reduces back pain.

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The water in the floating capsule contains EPSOM salt – the presence of magnesium and sulphur ensures the preservation of health and beauty. During the session you can fall asleep without any problems – one hour of sleep during floating is comparable to 4 hours of sleep at night! If you exercise, your body will recover in no time, as toxins and lactic acid will be removed from the organism, while the boost of endorphins will alleviate pain and accelerate recovery.

EPSOM salt in a floating capsule – for health and beauty

The water in the floating capsule contains EPSOM salt (magnesium sulphate). The magnesium and sulphur it contains are essential for health and beauty. Magnesium is one of the most valuable bio-elements – it is found in all cells. It is often referred to as the element of life. It is necessary for metabolic processes, activates the action of many enzymes, regenerates living cells, regulates blood clotting processes, influences bone development, strengthens the immune system and the heart. Its deficiencies result in nervousness, insomnia and chronic fatigue. It is much better absorbed through the skin than through the digestive tract, which means that bathing in water with EPSOM salts makes it possible to quickly replenish its deficiencies. Beautiful hair, moisturised and supple skin, strong connective tissue, shiny nails and functional joints, as well as a healthy endocrine balance, including stress shielding, a sense of happiness and joy, a good mood and feeling of relaxation, the proper functioning of the immune system, and a normal metabolism all depend on sulphur. Baths in EPSOM salt water in a floating capsule also have a purifying and relaxing effect, relieving pain and inflammation. They have a beneficial effect on the skin, accelerate rehabilitation, convalescence and wound healing, increase immunity and stamina. They help rid the body of heavy metals and toxins.

Floating - session for 1 person

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Floating - session for 2 people

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What is a floating capsule?

The floating capsule, sometimes referred to as an outflow capsule, is one of mankind’s greatest inventions for the natural renewal of body and mind. It is a soundproof space capsule filled with very salty water at a comfortable temperature close to that of the human body. During the séance, you float on water, as in the Dead Sea. The water is only 30 cm deep, for greater comfort, you can use the comfortable bolster. It contains EPSOM’s therapeutic salt solution, providing optimal buoyancy and having a beneficial effect on health and wellbeing. Absolutely no external stimuli reach you, enabling a state of deepest relaxation. Sounds, images, touch, gravity disappear… You feel as if you are levitating in the air and your body is simply drifting on the surface of salt water. When you wake up, you feel an unearthly peace because the stress, the pain, the fatigue are gone from your body.

Stress reduction

The floating capsule is effective in reducing stress, as it cuts off all external stimuli and allows you to melt into a meditation-like state. It makes the client inaccessible to the rest of the world and gives them a sense of security. Floating in a floating capsule lowers blood pressure and levels of the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. Stabilises the endocrine system. It activates the release of endorphins, putting you in a great mood and a state of bliss. It stimulates the brain to release theta waves, characteristic of the meditative state. Theta waves also reduce stress and enhance creativity, accelerate learning, awaken intuition and extra-sensory perception and integrate mind and body. All this makes a floating session the best way to completely calm the mind and eliminate stress.

Wellness for athletes

Relaxation in a floating cabin is an excellent regeneration for athletes – both amateurs and professionals. Did you know that floating sessions were included by the Australian Institute of Sport as early as 1938 in the Olympic preparation programme? Carl Lewis, one of the world’s most accomplished and successful athletes, benefited from sessions in a floating cabin during his preparation for Olympic competition. Now you can benefit from this unique regeneration – cleanse your body and mind of tensions, your muscles of lactic acid and toxins, get rid of pain, improve circulation and ultimately get better results! A session in a floating capsule improves mental state, increases concentration and builds confidence. The specific theta waves promote visualisations, enhancing coordination and sports performance.

Pain relief

During the session you float and your joints and spine are relieved. Muscle tension accumulated due to sedentary work, stress or physical exertion melts away. Resting in a floating capsule stimulates the release of endorphins, which block pain. Floating reduces back pain, provides relief from chronic and rheumatic pain. It also helps with migraine headaches.

Relaxation for women

A floating capsule session is a great way for women to relax, unwind, reduce pain and generally improve their wellbeing. Relieves premenstrual tension. It removes fatigue and has an antidepressant effect. It is an ideal wellness treatment for pregnant women. The feeling of weightlessness gives immediate pain relief as it relieves pressure on the spine. Floating reduces back and muscle pain. It gives a sense of relief and extreme lightness. Reduces stress, which can affect the good course of pregnancy. It helps to combat insomnia, which troubles women during pregnancy. Floating sessions are also recommended after the postpartum period, and they also bring relief from postpartum depression.

Frequently asked questions

What is floating?

It is a treatment consisting in floating on the surface of water saturated with Epsom salt. The high density of Epsom salts results in effortless floating, allowing a state of complete physical and mental relaxation to be achieved quickly. The water temperature is kept constant at 36°C and corresponds to the temperature of the skin, creating a feeling of oneness with the water.


Who is floating for?

For everyone, but especially for people who are busy, stressed, suffering from neurosis and obsessions, struggling with back pain, migraine. It is the perfect relaxation and wellness experience for athletes, students, pregnant women, convalescents and people undergoing rehabilitation.


Is floating a new idea?

People have been swimming in the Dead Sea for centuries. Float facilities have become popular over the past 30 years. Since then, hundreds of thousands of people have enjoyed floating sessions in centres all around the world. In Poland, this is a fairly new form of relaxation, although relaxation sessions are already becoming more and more well-known, popular and well-liked.


How does a floating session affect the mind?

A session in the cabin leads to deep mental relaxation. The brain starts to generate theta waves, which generally leads to an improvement in mental functions (clarity of thought, creativity, memory). There is an increase in the release of endorphins, which results in the alleviation of anxiety, depression, negative mental habits, pain and also improves mood.


How many sessions are recommended to experience maximum benefit?

You will notice the benefits after the first session. In practice, the maximum benefits of floating can already be achieved after the third session. In order to intensify the benefits, it is recommended to use the floating cabin regularly.


What do I need to bring with me when going to a floating session?

Bring a towel and flip-flops with you. Shampoo, shower gel, hairdryer, earplugs, make-up remover and pads will be provided on site.


How do people with claustrophobia feel during floating?

Even people with severe claustrophobia should not experience any discomfort. The interior of the cabin is so spacious that you can imagine yourself staying in a large tent. In addition to this, there is a lighting controller in the cabin so that we have control of the room. The cabin door can remain ajar throughout the session. The door opens with just one push. The absence of any locks or latches ensures that there is no possibility of slamming yourself shut in the cabin.


What is the standard of water hygiene in the cabin? 

The water in the floating cabin is 100% sterile. We comply with strict health and safety regulations. Furthermore, with such a high salt concentration, no pathogenic micro-organisms are able to exist in the water. We monitor parameters such as pH, salt concentration and water temperature on a daily basis. Water replenishment also takes place systematically, as it is constantly evaporating. After each session, the whole water is filtered several times on an innovative active glass bed, and is then disinfected using hydrogen peroxide and UV lamps. We can say with certainty that the water in the floating cabin surpasses the standard of swimming pools or jacuzzi water.


Is there enough air in the cabin?

A gravitational air exchange system has been installed in the cabin to ensure sufficient airflow and complete comfort in the cabin.


What should be avoided before floating sessions?

Do not consume alcohol and/or other substances that affect perception. It is most beneficial to eat a light meal before the session and not to overeat. It is advisable to refrain from wet shaving and hair removal the day before the appointment, as the highly concentrated brine can cause a burning sensation and irritate damaged skin.


Are there contraindications for pregnant women?

Pregnant women are allowed to use the cabins except during the first trimester of pregnancy, after prior consultation with a pregnancy doctor. Pregnant women perceive the floating sessions very positively. The spine, severely strained during pregnancy, is relieved of all strain and pain during floating.


Deep relaxation


Reduction of tension and anxiety


Acceleration of learning, reduction of learning difficulties


Relief and elimination of various types of pain: back pain, neck pain, muscle pain, rheumatic pains


Increase in energy levels


Relief of symptoms of respiratory diseases


Treatment of colds and supportive treatment of upper respiratory tract diseases


Stress and tension relief


Achieving alpha, theta and even delta states, which accelerate healing and trigger meditative states


Release from negative beliefs and emotions


Significant reduction in symptoms of chronic migraine pain


Strengthening the immune system


Supports the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism, swelling of the limbs


Improved metabolism


Elimination of fatigue


Enhancing creativity and problem-solving skills


Improved quality of sleep and reduction of insomnia


Relief and elimination of inflammation of joints and tendons, injuries and bruises


Reducing high blood pressure, slowing heart rate, improving circulation


Improving athletic performance (capacity, fitness, coordination)


Cleansing the body of toxins


Reduction and elimination of symptoms of depression, neurosis, anxiety, obsessions and addictions


Increased concentration, memory and mental clarity


Synchronisation of the brain hemispheres


Accelerated rehabilitation and recovery


Reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease


Increased production of endorphins


Improving the condition of hair and skin (e.g. acne reduction, cellulite)

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