Skin Frax – body treatment

Remove scars, stretch marks and additionally firm the skin

Skin Frax – body treatment

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If you want to effectively remove scars, stretch marks and additionally firm your skin, enjoy a Skin Frax RF treatment for the body! Skin Frax is an innovative Radiofrequency (RF) Micro-needling treatment. It is one of the most effective aesthetic cosmetology treatments in the world. With Skin Frax RF, you will effectively remove scars and stretch marks, and your skin will become firm as if you had a lifting.

Skin Frax – body treatment
Skin Frax – body treatment

No matter what you’re struggling with – stretch marks from pregnancy, scars from injury or surgery, sagging skin – Skin Frax can handle it! The treatment will stimulate your skin to produce collagen and elastin for long-lasting aesthetic results. Your skin will be nourished and smoothed and blemishes reduced. The results are visible after the first treatment. Try it out!

RF micro-needle fractional system – 21st century technology

The secret to the effectiveness of Skin Frax body treatments lies in the combination of two innovative methods: pricking the skin with micro-needles (fractionation) and heating the tissues with radio waves. For a radio wave to be effective, it needs to reach the right depth of the skin – where the cells (fibroblasts) responsible for producing collagen and elastin are located. This is guaranteed by the micro-needles, which precisely transmit radio waves deep into the skin. This ensures even heating of the tissues along the length of the needle. By using Skin Frax, you can be sure that your skin will be stimulated to regenerate.

Skin Frax – how does it work?

Skin Frax raises the temperature in the skin and causes an immediate shrinkage of collagen fibres, thus increasing skin tightness (non-invasive skin lifting). The application of precisely controlled RF energy directly to different skin depths (depending on your needs – puncture depths can be set from 0.1 to 3.0 mm) using micro-needles is completely safe. However, a non-surgical skin lift is only the beginning of the renewal processes. What is most important happens over the next few weeks (up to 3 months) after the procedure. Your skin is stimulated to produce collagen and build brand new collagen bonds. This creates new, young and firm skin in place of the damaged tissue, which has the correct structure and density. As a result, scars, stretch marks and wrinkles are significantly reduced and you can enjoy beautiful flawless skin!

Skin Frax – does it hurt and is it safe?

Skin Frax treatments use disposable, sterile cartridges that guarantee high hygiene and safety. When performed correctly, the procedure is virtually painless. It does not overheat the skin or cause burns. Occasionally there may be erythema on the treated areas, which disappears spontaneously after about 3-4 hours. The skin after the procedure does not require any special convalescence.

Skin Frax body treatment – indications:

– Pregnancy stretch marks on the abdomen

– Stretch marks on thighs, buttocks, breasts

– Stretch marks after childbirth

– Stretch marks associated with weight gain

– Scars from acne, trauma, burns, surgery

– Skin flaccidity

Treatment areas

Skin Frax RF - body treatment - Small part of the body: hands, arms, breasts, single scars

clock icon Duration: 40 min price icon Price: 600zł

Skin Frax – body treatment - Average part of the body: stomach, buttocks, rear thighs, front thighs

clock icon Duration: 75 min price icon Price: 800zł

Skin Frax – body treatment - Large part of the body: whole arms, whole thighs

clock icon Duration: 75 min price icon Price: 1200zł

phone icon22 417 80 90

Please arrive 10 minutes before your treatment.

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Effects of the treatment


Stretch mark removal


Skin smoothing


Removal of scars after trauma, burns and acne


Non-surgical skin lifting


Strengthening skin density


Improving colour

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