Body laser hair removal

Get rid of unwanted hair once and for all

Body laser hair removal

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Discover laser hair removal - the newest and most effective hair removal method developed by scientists from Harvard University. Already the first treatment guarantees you the removal of up to 30% of unnecessary hair once and for all. The laser has an intelligent SkinTelm™ melanin level reader that recognizes individual skin properties and selects optimal parameters so that the treatment is as effective and safe as possible for you.

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Body laser hair removal
Body laser hair removal

No risk of burns, no irritation, no damage to the epidermis. The revolutionary cooling system makes laser hair removal painless. The large laser head allows you to shorten the time of depilation of larger parts of the body to 20 minutes. The small head enables effective depilation of areas that require high precision. The depilation laser at Studio Sante has a safety and quality certificate issued by the US Food and Drug Administration FDA. Shaving your legs every day, ingrown hairs, skin cuts and irritations after depilation, endless expenses for depilatory creams – you can completely forget about it by choosing laser hair removal at Studio Sante. Take advantage of laser hair removal and get rid of hair once and for all!

Effects of the treatment:


Smooth skin without unwanted hair


Removes dark, light and red hair


Precision and accuracy of hair removal


30% hair reduction in 1 treatment


Removes fine and coarse hair


No problem of ingrown hairs after hair removal


Permanent hair removal – removing hair once and for all


High safety – can be performed on tanned skin and on naturally dark complexions


Reduction of the problem of dry skin, common after shaving with a razor


Laser hair removal without pain


Very short hair removal time – 5 minutes


Minimised risk of irritation and burns after hair removal

Laser hair removal – how many treatments should I have?

During just one laser hair removal treatment, 30% of hair is removed. This applies to hairs that are in the active growth phase (i.e. so-called anagen). Therefore, in order to remove all the hair, it is necessary to wait until the remaining hair has entered this particular growth stage. This means that for the full effects of laser hair removal are obtained in about 4 treatments, performed every 5 weeks. Please note that it is a normal phenomenon that 2-3 weeks after a laser hair removal treatment, the hair start to grow back and then – fall out. After successive laser hair removal treatments, hair grows back less and less, becoming lighter and finer.

How do I prepare for laser hair removal? (before and after treatment)

The skin undergoing hair removal must not be dry and irritated. If you have a problem with dry skin, apply emollients (moisturising creams or lotions) a few days before hair removal.
On the day of the treatment, shave the hair in the area of hair removal!
Do not pull it out! Do not use mechanical hair removers! Do not use wax! – at least four weeks before the planned laser hair removal treatment.
Between laser hair removal treatments, the hair can be shaved with a razor or trimmed.
The skin should be clean and not lubricated.
After laser hair removal, we recommend applying a mild moisturising cream to the skin and not using cosmetics that can irritate the skin.

Laser hair removal – how it works

The hair removal laser acts on the hair follicle using the phenomenon of selective photothermolysis. The laser light is absorbed by hair structures containing melanin, a natural pigment. This is then converted into heat, which permanently destroys the hair follicles. The skin cooling system used before, during and after the “shot” prevents burns even when the highest energies are used. This results in a comfortable laser hair removal without pain. Laser hair removal is currently the best and most effective method to solve the problem and discomfort of body hair. There is no need to fear laser treatments, as the laser beam only reacts with the hair pigment. It does not damage the skin or its deeper layers.

Laser hair removal - contraindications

Laser hair removal treatments are considered the safest laser treatments in the world. However, you should remember about some contraindications to avoid unwanted side effects:

  • Stop taking photosensitizing drugs, vitamins A and E 4 weeks before the procedure.
  • All kinds of herbs in supplementation, herbal teas, in particular photosensitizing herbs, such as chamomile, nettle, marigold, St. John’s wort, should be discontinued 3 weeks before depilation.
  • Vitamin C should not be taken 2 days before the procedure.
  • If in doubt, make an appointment for a free telephone consultation with a cosmetologist.
  • If you use oral isotretinoin (Reacutan, Izotek, Curacne), perform the treatment not earlier than 6 months after the end of therapy.
  • Antibiotic therapy – the laser hair removal treatment can be performed 2 weeks after the end of taking antibiotics, for 2 weeks after the treatment you must also not take this type of medication.
  • Cancer, skin diseases, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

* In the case of people with hormonal problems or very strong predispositions to hair regrowth, it may be necessary to perform a reminding treatment several months after the end of a series of laser hair removal treatments.

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