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A steam bath oriental ritual


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The Rasul Ceremony is a unique cleansing and skincare ritual inspired by ancient traditions from Morocco. Rasul combines the beneficial effects of a steam bath with the nutritional properties of the clays used in it. At Studio Sante, we enhance the Rasul ritual by incorporating a Kessa glove scrub to further amplify the effect of smooth and even skin.

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The Rasul Ceremony is not just about cleansing, nourishing, and moisturizing the skin but also provides deep relaxation and rejuvenation. The treatment lasts for 50 minutes. The sauna maintains a temperature ranging from 32-42°C with 100% humidity ensuring a truly immersive experience. At the same time, 1-4 people can be in the room.

Ritual course:

  • Heating and exfoliation with a Kessa glove

Shortly after entering the sauna, steaming will commence. Allow yourself some time (approx. 10 minutes) for the body warming and opening of skin pores. Then, begin exfoliation using the coarse Kessa glove. This exfoliation removes dead skin cells, facilitating the later deep penetration of the clay’s nourishing components into the skin. The glove’s work also stimulates circulation, aiding in the battle against cellulite. Adjust the glove’s pressure on the body according to individual sensations and needs.

  • Clay mask

After rinsing off the exfoliation, apply the clay mask – white for the face below the eye line and gray for the rest of the body. Now, simply sit back and relax. The clays will gently dry on the skin. After 10 minutes, steaming will begin, causing the clays to dissolve and release rich mineral ingredients into the body. The skin will be deeply nourished and moisturized. To enhance this effect, you can gently massage the body.

  • Perfume

The final step involves applying oriental solid perfume to the body, emitting a pleasant oriental scent.


After the ceremony, we recommend taking 10-15 minutes to relax in one of our lounges. Before further use of the facilities, it’s advisable to take a thorough shower.

Following the Rasul ceremony, we also suggest indulging in one of our massages (e.g., relaxation massage). Thanks to its profound muscle relaxation, it will perfectly complement the relaxation ritual.


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Rasul - an oriental steam bath ritual - 1 person

clock icon Duration: 50 min price icon Price: 120zł

Rasul - an oriental steam bath ritual - 2 people

clock icon Duration: 50 min price icon Price: 160zł

Rasul - an oriental steam bath ritual - 3 people

clock icon Duration: 50 min price icon Price: 210zł

Rasul - an oriental steam bath ritual - 4 people

clock icon Duration: 50 min price icon Price: 240zł

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A unique cleansing ritual


Stimulates metabolism


Supports natural detoxification


Relief of rheumatic conditions and joint pains


Skin care ritual


Promotes weight loss

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